About AntManUK

Hello all,

First, i would like to say welcome to my website. Some of you may know me from Youtube as AntManUK. But some of you are new here an have never heard of me.

My name is Kev, I live in Manchester, United Kingdom. I started keeping ants a few years ago once I got my own place. As a child, i was fascinated with how ants build their nests. How they communicate with each other and just how interesting they really are. With thousands of different ant species, everyone of them has their own unique way of running a colony. Unfortunately living with strict parents prevented me keeping them as pets. But now having my own place I have a few setups of Lasius Niger and Lasius Flavus these species are common to the United Kingdom and are a really great start ant for all new ant keepers.

I want to inspire people and strict parents that keeping ants as pets can be very educational and rewarding. They make an easy pet with very low maintenance. Ants can go weeks without food but I wouldn’t recommend this. They require proteins every few days such as freshly killed meal worms, crickets or even things such as ham slices, chicken slices, chicken, anything meaty will help the colony growth.

The wonderful thing with keeping ants as it gives us an insight into their world and how they do things. My aim is to educate people on keeping ants as pets and to create a community on my Youtube channel for all ant keepers to learn from one another. On my website, you will find help with keeping ants, myrmecology, habitats, species and ecology. It is my goal to make folks love ants and to enjoy keeping them. It is simple, rewarding and best of all enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy my website, and head over to my Youtube channel to check out all the video tutorials, tips and tricks.

Thank you.