Messor Structor Queen Ant For Sale with 5-10 workers

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Messor Structor Queen Ant For Sale


  • Queen harvester ant with eggs and workers (in Stock only 3 left!)
  • Seeds to feed the queen and her growing colony
  • Pipette to water the Queen + Care-sheet (Emailed to you)
  • The perfect starter pack for kids and adults! A great gift!
  • GUARANTEED! We guarantee LIVE arrival of your ants (Insured arrival free)


Messor Structor is a harvester species found in Europe and Asia is from Europe. they are harvester ants their main diet is seeds. You get a queen ant which is over 2 months old and queen that is capable of living for 10 years she also has her own eggs! (She will be in a test tube) 1x seeds 1x pipette 1x care sheet emailed to you upon purchase detailing how to look after your colony Why me? I have been growing and raising ant colonies for well over 5 years and always want to share the hobby! If ant colonies die during transportation a replacement will be sent free, photographic evidence required An excellent hobby watch how the colony grows and works to expand and feed the mighty queen, they will share all their secrets with you, Enjoy!